Evavo Wellness, has a 15 year long track record of creating Award winning Spa , Salon and Wellness facilities across India & South Asia.
Our Client base includes Leading Hotels/Resorts, Real Estate Luxury Projects , Premium Private Residences, Independent Clubs, Sapa and Salons.
Listed below some of our landmark projects

Experience Shower

Experience Shower combines a unique variety of multi-temperature water sequences with soothi ....

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Chilled Shower

The water temperature maintained is 7 to 12 Degree C. Hot Sauna or Steam open the pores of the sk ....

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Ice bucket

Ice bucket gives you chilled Experience in Spa

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Ice fountain

The ice fountain after a sauna or steam bath is a dessert treat after a delicious feast. Ice foun ....

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Vichy shower

A Vichy shower is a shower with from 5-7 vertical shower heads in w ....

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Wet Tables

Wet Tables have been designed for the day spa that desires to offer wet room treat ....

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Snow Room

Easy snowflakes slowly fall and thaw on a palm. Fluffy snowdrifts shine as whiteness.Wherever you ....

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